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  • This sweet and playful kitty is ready for a forever home!!!!

  • Rinigo is a blue male weimaraner/lab mix.  He is high energy, extremely smart, loves everyone is neutered and house broke.  He needs room to run and a loving family.

  • Peaches is a blue female pit bull.  She is two years old, has a great personality and is smart and playful.  She loves people, but not cats.   She is looking for a forever home.

Agriculture - Animal Control Divsion

Domestic Animal Control


The mission of the Siskiyou County Animal Control Department is to provide effective Animal Control Services through the following:

·          Promote responsible animal ownership by providing education and outreach to the citizens of Siskiyou County about proper animal care and control. 

·         Educate the citizens of Siskiyou County regarding state laws and county ordinances in order to foster a safer community for people and animals.

·         Spay or neuter unwanted or displaced animals and adopt them into loving permanent homes.


As part of law enforcement it is our duty and privilege to serve the people and animals of Siskiyou County.  Animal Control’s purpose is to ensure the health and safety of the county residents and animal populations by requiring dogs to obtain a vaccination for rabies. Rabies is always a threat, especially in a rural county where a higher degree of domestic animals come into contact with wild or feral animals. The licensing function of the program provides a tracking system, which assures that an animal is current on vaccinations. In addition, licensing helps identify the owners of lost or injured dogs so they may be re-united with one another. We take complaints of cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals very seriously and investigate all complaints of such treatment. We support the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to help prevent animal over population in Siskiyou County, thus increasing the likelihood that more animals will have lifelong homes.

Animal Control has endeavored to adopt a no kill philosophy and has increased the live release rate from our Shelter to more than 90%!  The majority of animals entering our facility are either redeemed by owners, sent to partner rescues, or adopted into new and loving homes.

Predatory Animal Control

The Predatory Animal Control program is a cooperative venture between Siskiyou County, California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Health Services, and the United States Department of Agriculture -- Animal Damage Control.

There are two types of protection offered under this program:

  • Urban animal damage. These calls involve home owners who have skunks, raccoons, or other wildlife that have taken up residence in the vicinity of their home, and are causing property damage or they are a threat to their pets.
  • Farmers and ranchers with livestock, crop and/or property loss. Typically, these calls involve both domestic and wild animal attacks on agricultural land.

The main goal of the program is to remove only the animals that are causing the problem.


Agriculture Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
2015 Siskiyou County Crop & Livestock Report Download File Report
Apiary Registration/Request for Pesticide Notification Download File Application
Certified Farmers' Market Application Download File Application
Certified Producer's Certificate Download File Application
Certified Producers Certificate - Supplemental Page Download File
Egg Handlers Registration Application Download File Application
Nematode Certification Agreement Download File Application
Nematode Certification Application Download File Application
Noxious Weeds Identification and Characteristics Slideshow 2015 Download File Other
Nursery Stock - Fee Exempt Sell License Download File License
Pest Control Advisor County Registration Application Download File Application
Pest Control Aircraft Pilot County Registration Download File Application
Pest Control Business County Registration Download File Application
Shelter Visitation Policy Download File Policy
Structural Pest Control Business Branch 2 & 3 Download File Application
Structural Pest Control Business Registration Branch 1 Download File Application
Weed Free Forage Field Inspection Applicaiton Download File Application
Weights & Measures Device Registration Form Download File Application