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Assessor Division - Assessment Inquiry-Continued

The Property Inquiry site provides for the purchase of:

Single-family Residential (SFR) Property Characteristics for $5.00 per parcel (example shown below).

Property characteristics are available for a majority of our SFR parcels, with additional properties being added on a daily basis. If you are not given the option to purchase characteristics for a particular SFR parcel and would like to, Contact Us with the APN and we will update our database (expect a delay for processing time). Property Characteristics for agricultural, multi-residential, commercial and industrial properties must be purchased at our front counter.


High resolution map images are also available at $2.00 per map

The above items are purchased using a shopping cart feature, via a secure payment gateway with Official Payments. Please note that a $2.00 convenience fee will be added to all orders, with a maximum order of $50.00. Items are purchased under your user name, where downloads are available for 30 days from the date of purchase.

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