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District 4 - Lisa L. Nixon

Lisa Nixon, District 4 Supervisor

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Supervisorial District 4 Map


Lisa Nixon is a fifth-generation Yrekan with a long family history of service to Siskiyou County.  After graduating Yreka Union High School, Lisa obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from U.C. Davis and a Juris Doctorate, with Great Distinction, from McGeorge School of Law.  Early business attorney years were spent as a partner at Sacramento’s then-largest law firm, Downey Brand, LLP, helping to bring millions of commercial development dollars to Northern California.  Lisa and her husband John Nixon, a retired businessman, have four successful children, including a U.S. Navy doctor, who are now starting to bless them with grandchildren.

Since returning home to Siskiyou County, Lisa has been active in local business clubs and arts organizations, while maintaining a small business and estate planning law practice.  She is a member of the Yreka Rotary Club and Siskiyou County Bar Association, and has served as Treasurer and Vice President of the Yreka Chamber of Commerce, founding President and Vice President of the Yreka Chapter of the Women In Business Network, and Interim Treasurer and Fair Booth Chairperson for the Yreka Elks Lodge.  Lisa has rekindled prior relationships, and forged new ones, with many local business owners, government officials, and citizens who understand the history and special beauty of our area.

As County Supervisor for District 4, Lisa applies her knowledge and experience in factual research, legal interpretation, contract negotiation, and logical decision making.  She is especially committed to preserving the water and property rights that are so important to our rural way of life, and to fostering new business opportunities that can create jobs and restore our economic health.     

Committee Membership: 

Updated 1/29/2018

  • Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District - Director
  • Siskiyou Power Authority - Director
  • County Service Area 3 – Director
  • County Service Area 4 - Director
  • County Service Area 5 - Director
  • Airport Land Use Commission - Director
  • In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority
  • LTC                 LOCAL TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION – Alternate
  • FEMA              FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY BOARD (authorized to participate)
  • Siskiyou County Regional Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority - Delegate
  • PSA II Area Agency on Aging Executive Board - Alternate
  • Collier Interpretive and Information Center (CIIC) – Alternate
  • Siskiyou County Justice Committee – Delegate
  • Five County Coho Plan - Delegate
  • Court Relocation Committee - member
  • Sustainable Forest Action Coalition - Delegate
  • North Coast Integrated Water Management Plan/North Coast Resource Partnership Policy Review Panel – Alternate
  • Behavioral Health Services Advisory Board – Co-Delegate
  • Siskiyou Health Services Advisory Board - Delegate
  • Criminal Justice Partners - Alternate

Committees listed in bold require the filing of a Form 700

*Non Meeting Committees

*Emergency Operating Area - authorized to attend meetings