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Haz Mat - Hazardous Waste

The Siskiyou County Environmental Health Division (SCEH) regulates hazardous waste generation. Hazardous waste is defined in the California Code of Regulations 22 CCR 66261.3. In California, there are four characteristics that identify a hazardous waste:

  1. Ignitable
  2. Reactive
  3. Corrosive
  4. Toxic

In addition to the four characteristics, if a waste is listed in the State and/or Federal regulations, then it is also considered a hazardous waste.

Program Overview

In conjunction with the Hazardous Materials Business Plan program, Siskiyou County CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agency) staff:

  • Inspect businesses for compliance with the Hazardous Waste Control Act
  • Verify Hazardous Waste accumulation, labeling, container and tank management standards, and waste generator status
  • Respond to complaints of illegal disposal of hazardous waste
  • Issue permits and inspects businesses that treat hazardous waste pursuant to permit by rule, conditional authorization, or conditional
  • Exemption laws and regulations

There are three types of hazardous waste generators:

  • CESQG (Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator)
  • SQG  (Small Quantity Generator)
  • LQG (Large Quantity Generator)

Hazardous Waste Generator Regulatory Summary