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Haz Mat - Underground Storage Tanks

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) program applies to owners and operators of USTs used for the storage of hazardous substances. Typically, USTs are used to store large amounts of hazardous materials such as gasoline, diesel, and waste oils. The purpose of the UST Program is to protect public health, the environment and groundwater from potential contamination or adverse effects associated with unintended releases from the underground storage of hazardous materials.

Siskiyou County Environmental Health (SCEH) administers the UST Program in cities and unincorporated areas of Siskiyou County. SCEH ensures that businesses with regulated USTs are properly permitted and meet the monitoring requirements applicable to their type of system. Regulatory oversight for the operation of UST systems includes:

  • Permit issuance
  • Annual routine inspections
  • Review, approval, and inspections of construction, repair, and upgrade activities
  • Review, approval, and inspections of removal or closure activities

UST Program applications and guides can be found below in the Hazardous Materials Resource Center.