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  • Communications Shop

  • Radio Shop at the County Yard

  • County Telecommunication Equipment

Public Works - Communications Division

The Communications Division provides radio and telephone service throughout Siskiyou County. Our telephone system serves over 570 extensions throughout Yreka, with sixexternal telephone systems tied to a main switch with T1 data lines. These systems support 25 extensions in Weed Courts, 15 extensions in the County Clerk's office, 23 extensions in the County Counsel building, 28 extensions in the Public Works Complex off Sharps Lane, 20 extensions in the Public Works Administation building and 75 extensions for the Public Health and Community Development building.

This division provides all communication radio services for all County two-way users, including the radio systems utilizing 25 VHF mountaintop radio repeaters for Sheriff, Public Works and Fire, all dispatched with radio consoles to control stations in the Yreka area. The division is also responsible for a newly acquired Nor-Cal EMS radio system consisting of 4 UHF mountaintop repeaters for ambulance service.

The Communication staff maintains over 400  mobile radios, 350 handhelds, and 100 pagers.  The division is the County's main installation site for mobile vehicle radios, light bars, cameras and other special needs.  Additionally, the Communications Divisionis involved with a multitude of Siskiyou County computer data wiring, fiber optics, security cameras, interview room electronics, alarm systems, public address systems, and the State required County 911 Coordinator position.

Public Works Resource Center

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