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Substance Use Disorder Services

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Substance Use Disorder Services provides a continuum of care including prevention through intensive outpatient treatment programs for youth and adults.


SUD Programs

SUD Program - Next Step

Next Step intensive outpatient treatment is provided to adult (18 or over) substance-using women who are pregnant and/or parenting children the age of 17 and under. “Parenting” includes a woman who is attempting to regain legal custody of her children. In addition, Next Step is also open to all women regardless of past or present parenting status. Preference is given to women who are also eligible for Perinatal Services. These services include assessments, providing referral and access to treatment and recovery services, funding for intensive outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment, case management, parenting, and other women-specific services.


SUD Program - Lifeworks Substance Use Disorder

Lifeworks is an outpatient treatment program that includes: flexible 1.5 hour treatment groups: open access, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 5:00 pm; up to six treatment hours per week; life SUD recovery and skill acquisition treatment groups focusing on:

  • Substance Use Disorder Services (SUD)
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills
  •
SUD Program - Prevention

Traditional and Non-Traditional Community and School Prevention Harm Presentations: Athlete Committed, D.A.R.E.

SUD Program - Transformations

Transformations is an Alcohol and Other Drug adolescent co-occurring outpatient treatment program. The program is a partnership between the Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug programs. Transformations is open to individuals ages 13 through 18.


SUD Program - Turn Around

Turn Around Treatment and Recovery is an intensive outpatient treatment program for the treatment of chemical dependency. The program is open to any adult who is appropriate for treatment in an outpatient setting.


Substance Use Disorder Services Resource Center

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