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Transportation Division - Siskiyou County Airport

Siskiyou County Airport Montague

ADVISORY:  Currently there is a NOTAM for Siskiyou County Airport, stating that services are not available at this time.

Siskiyou County Airport is located in the beautiful Shasta Valley.  The airport is 4 miles northeast of the City of Montague and approximately 11 miles east of the City of Yreka.

The Siskiyou County Airport is primarily used for general aviation.  During summer months, between May and September, Siskiyou is home to a US Forest Service Fire Attack Base and many gliders take to the skies.  There are restrooms available.  Fixed Based Operator provides fuel 100LL (self-service) and Jet-A (on request).  There are hangar spaces for 25 aircraft and approximately 20 tie-down spaces located on the apron.  Elevation at the airport is 2,648 feet.

  • Airport identifier: KSIY/SIY
  • Airport traffic frequency (CTAF or Unicom): 123.00
  • Airport reference code: C-III (maximum approach speed 141 kts, wingspan 118ft)
  • Runway lights, yes, PCL, key 5 times on Unicom
  • Taxiway has reflectors only
  • Visual navigation aid at Siskiyou County is a rotating green and white beacon, from sunset to sunrise.
  • Critical Aircraft: Can accommodate most narrow-body airline jets

The available runway: 17/35.  Runway dimensions are 7,484ft x 150ft, asphalt with pavement strength of 60,000lbs for aircraft with single-wheel main landing gear, 180,000lbs dual wheel and 270,000lbs dual-tandem-wheel.  Primary taxiways full length parallel on the west side with medium intensity pilot controlled edge lighting.

  • Runway 17 is 1,700 feet long and inner 600 feet on airport property with no obstacles.
  • Runway 35 is 1,700 feet long and 1,600 feet on airport property with no obstacles.  

Fixed Based Operator for Siskiyou County is currently non-operational.

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A Little History

The Army Air Forces and the US Air Force used the Siskiyou County airport over two separate periods from 1942 to 1945 and from 1962 to 1972.  The site first served as an auxiliary field and later as a dispersal site.

The airport was constructed with funds from the Civil Aeronautics Administration.  The Army upgraded and extended the original runways to handle bombardment aircraft, as well as adding taxiways, a night lighting systems, a power control building and enclosed the field with a barbed wire fence.  In the fall of 1943 the airfield was a sub-base of Hamilton Field (present day Novato, CA).  In May 1944, Army Air Forces reassigned the airfield to Chico Army Airfield and it remain an unmanned auxiliary field and primarily functioned as an emergency landing field for disabled aircraft.  In November of 1944 the Interdepartmental Air Traffic Control Board approved used of the field by Siskiyou County as an alternate airport for commercial scheduled air carrier operations.

On September 13, 1962 US Air Force Air Defense Command leased the airport for use as a dispersal site.  By December 1964, the Air Force began improvements to the site and in May 1972 terminated the lease with the County.

Today the Siskiyou County airport is used primarily for general aviation. 

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