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Siskiyou Secrets and Mysteries

November 26, 2014

Most museums have items that have no information about where the artifact originated from or who donated it. Here at the Siskiyou County Museum we have some of those items and through this blog and posting on our Facebook page, we will ask for help in solving the mystery of an item’s origin. 

This post involves a photo album that was obviously important to its creator; many of the photos have sentimental captions and several of the images were purposely posed for fun and posterity. The date found in a few of these captions is 1917.

The photo album is black and soft-covered. Inside back cover identifies it as a Badger Album, from the Badger Line of Loose-Leaf Devices. The book measures 8 x 5 ¼”. On the front cover, the word “Photograph” appears.

Photo of Bruce McDonald part of the mystery
Old photo of the Gazelle School hours
Other mystery family photos