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Environmental Health Division - Land Use

This Division is responsible for land development in Siskiyou County. We review, permit, and inspect individual sewage disposal systems, water wells, and water systems. See the accordion below for specific information on each program. We also review land use projects (subdivisions, lot splits, boundary line adjustments, use permits, and certificates of compliance) for density issues, on site sewage disposal capabilities, and water availability. Land development in Siskiyou County must be conducted in the following sequence:

1. Sewage disposal site review

2. Well site and permit issuance

3. Well installation

4. Demonstration of adequate quantity and quality if necessary

5. Issuance of sewage disposal permit

The Siskiyou County Municipal Code contains all the official responsibilities of the permit process.  Permit applications and other information regarding water and individual sewage disposal systems can be found below in the Land Use Resource Center. Any questions regarding this division can be directed to the contact information on the right.

Environmental Health Land Use Programs

The Land Use program reviews, permits and inspects individual sewage disposal systems. All applications and guides related to sewage disposal systems and a list of licensed contractors can be found in the Land Use Resource Center below.

Wet Weather Testing: Some parcels may be required to be evaluated for a sewage disposal system during the wet weather testing season. The wet weather testing season occurs January 1 through April 30 of each year only after 50% of the annual average precipitation has fallen. You may find the "Wet Weather Testing Guide" and the current "Wet Weather Rainfall Totals" for Siskiyou County in the Land Use Resource Center.

Domestic, agricultural, ground water monitoring wells, and exploratory borings are reviewed, permitted, and inspected to assure a safe water supply is maintained. All well applications, guides, and a list of licensed well drillers can be found in the Land Use Resource Center.

We maintain records of well permits and well completion reports issued in Siskiyou County since 1991. Records for well permits issued prior to 1991 are maintained by the California Department of Water Resources, Northern Region office in Red Bluff.

This program regulates those public water systems having between five and fourteen service connections. Food facilities and Cottage Food Operations that are on a private water supply are also permitted and inspected. Quarterly bacteriological samples are obtained and annual inspections are conducted.

Land Use Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Contractors Licensed in Siskiyou County for Sewage Disposal Systems Download File Guide
Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors - CA Licensed Download File Guide
Incremental Development Instructions & Application Download File Application
LAMP Change Notes Download File Other
LAMP First Reading Sewage Disposal Ordinance Download File Other
LAMP OWTS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) Policy Download File Other
LAMP Second Draft Download File Other
LAMP Siskiyou County Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Regulations and Technical Manual Second Draft Download File Other
Land Agent Authorization Form for Sewage Disposal and Well Applications Download File Application
Percolation Test Method & Form Download File Application