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District Attorney's Office - Consumer Protection Program

The Siskiyou County District Attorney will investigate and prosecute violators of consumer protection laws.  These include unlawful, fraudulent, and deceptive business practices.  Crime victims include consumers and businesses.  Some of the California laws that we enforce include the Unfair Competition Law, the False Advertising Law, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the Contractor’s License Law, Worker’s Compensation Law, and various environmental laws.  We pursue both criminal and civil law enforcement actions in the name of the People of the State of California. 

Our District Attorney represents the People of the State of California for violations that occur within the jurisdiction of Siskiyou County.  His jurisdiction covers consumer transactions involving businesses located within the county and consumer transactions that occur within the county even if the business is located outside of our county (e.g. internet transactions).  

Please note that we may not represent individual citizens or businesses seeking the return of their money or other personal remedies.  Complaints will be reviewed by our office to determine if government action is appropriate.  However, our focus must be on unlawful practices that harm many consumers and/or have significant impact on the residents and businesses within Siskiyou County. 

By law, the District Attorney's Office cannot offer legal advice (California Business & Professions Code section 6131) or answer your personal legal questions. 

If you would like to make a complaint about a business located within Siskiyou County or about a consumer transaction which occurred within Siskiyou County, then please complete our consumer protection form.  After completion, you may submit the form electronically by scanning the signed form, creating an email with the Subject: Consumer Protection Complaint and emailing to DA_CPP  ( Alternately you may deliver it to our office in person or by mail.