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Public Works - Shasta River Bridge Replacement 2009

Project involved the construction of a prestressed deck bulb Tee concrete girder bridge 99.5’ long and 24 feet wide. The existing concrete bridge was removed and the roadway approaches were reconstructed.

The contractor was able to efficiently and safely demolish the existing bridge while working over the Shasta River. The new bridge abutments were built behind the old gravity abutments, which were left for erosion protection.

The girders were erected using two cranes and a launching truss.


Public Works - Wagon Creek Arm Pedestrian Bridge 2010

This project involved the construction of a single span, steel tied arch with wood deck bridge, 262.5 feet long and 10 feet wide. Approach trails with retaining walls were constructed.

The bridge was constructed over Lake Siskiyou. The contractor utilized floating barges to support the bridge false work and position the erection crane. Concrete was delivered to an inaccessible abutment via a 700 foot lone line pump. Erection of the bridge went smoothly due to diligent planning and a well thought out erection plan.

Public Works - Contract 12-01 Bridge Preventive Maintenance Project

Project work involves 30 bridges located throughout Siskiyou County

The bridge work consists of repairing bridge deck surfaces, applying waterproofing membranes and asphalt concrete overlays, repairing roadway approach settlements, asphalt concrete approach overlays, raising and or repairing guardrail and bridge barrier heights, repairing isolated substructure spalls, and joint seal replacement.

Photos in the slideshow were all taken during 2013 construction season.