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A Photo Tour Around Siskiyou County

  • Lake Siskiyou, the new Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge, and Mt. Shasta

  • An unusual fall sunrise over Mt. Shasta

  • A colorful Scott Valley sunset

  • Rafting is a popular activity on the Klamath River

  • The Sacramento River near Hedge Falls in Dunsmuir

  • Mossbrae Falls near Dunsmuir.  Currently Access is Restricted

  • A pair of pheasants in a field  near Montague

  • One of the many lakes to be found in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area

  • A snapshot of some of the beautiful scenery in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area

  • Strawberry Nursery in MacDoel--one of the primary crops in eastern Siskiyou County

  • The Lower Fowler Falls on the McCloud River--One of three falls fairly close together

  • A late spring snow on Mt. Shasta as seen from Shasta Valley

  • Kangaroo Lake is a drive to lake reached from the south end of Scott Valley

  • Castle Crags on the border between Siskiyou and Shasta counties

  • There is an annual balloon fair in Montague in September

  • Baling hay in the Tulelake Basin, multiple balers can be seen

  • A Shasta Valley sunset

  • A summer scene in Shasta Valley

  • Wild horses near Copco Lake on an early spring day.

  • Copco Lake on an early fall day.

This photo tour is a compilation of photos taken by County employees and residents.  The photos seen in this slideshow were updated on July 27, 2016.  Only a few of the photos have been previously posted.