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Auditor - Controller

The Auditor-Controller's Office is closed between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00 pm daily.

The Auditor-Controller performs duties under the legal authority set forth in California Code, principally those sections of the Government Code beginning with Sections 26880 and 26900. The Auditor-Controller's Office provides a broad range of financial accounting, property tax and auditing services to County Departments, agencies, and special districts whose funds are kept in the County Treasury.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to exemplify excellence, service and professionalism in providing accurate, timely and relevant accounting information and financial services to Siskiyou County, while continuing to act in a monitoring capacity, ensuring taxpayers monies are used in accordance to applicable law.

Statement of Values

We will conduct our business with the highest ethical and due diligence standards. We demonstrate our commitment to the public, other County departments/agencies and our own employees by sharing the following values:

  • Treat our employees and the public with respect.
  • Commit to excellence in customer services.
  • Open and timely communication, with the belief that well informed people are better able to perform.
  • Take pride in our work.

Approach new ideas in a positive light, always looking for ways to make government more efficient within current limits of the law and work to change the law when good accounting & business practice and common sense suggest changes.

Auditor-Controller Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Budget Book - 2015-2016 Download File Financial
Budget Book - 2014-2015 Download File Financial
Budget Book - 2012-2013 Download File Financial
Budget Book - 2011-2012 Download File Financial