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Elections - Registrar of Voters

The Siskiyou County Elections website provides information to Siskiyou County residents regarding the election process, results and voter registration.


Elections Resource Center

E.g., 03/20/2018
Resource Title Election Date Downloadable File(s)
June 3, 2014 Election Results 06/03/2014 PDF icon ELE-20140603_results.07Searchable.pdf, PDF icon ELE-20140603_StatementVotesCast.pdf
April 8, 2014 - Special Election Tulelake Final Results 04/08/2014 PDF icon EL-20140408-FinalResults_1Searchable.pdf, PDF icon EL-20140708-StatementofVoteSearchable.pdf
November 5, 2013 - District General Election Final Results 11/07/2013 PDF icon 20131105-DistrictFinalResultsSearchable.pdf, PDF icon 20131105-DistrictStatementVotesCastSearchable.pdf
November 5, 2013 - Dunsmuir Special Election Final Results 11/05/2013 PDF icon 20131105-DunsmuirFinalResultsSearchable.pdf, PDF icon 20131105-DunsmuirStatementVotoesCastSearchable.pdf
January 8, 2013 - Special Election Final Results 01/08/2013 PDF icon 20130108-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf
November 6, 2012 - Presidential General Final Results 11/06/2012 PDF icon 20120605-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf, PDF icon 20121106-StatementVotesCast.pdf
June 5, 2012 - Primary Final Results 06/05/2012 PDF icon 20120605-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf, PDF icon 20120605-StatementVotesCast.pdf
November 8, 2011 - Special District Final Results 11/08/2011 PDF icon 20111108-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf
August 30, 2011 - Special Election Final Results 08/30/2011 PDF icon 20110830-FinallResults.pdf
June 7, 2011 - Special Election Final Results 06/07/2011 PDF icon 20110607-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf
November 2, 2010 - General Election Final Results 11/02/2010 PDF icon 20101102-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf
June 8, 2010 - Primary Final Results 06/08/2010 PDF icon 20100608-FinalResultsSearchable.pdf
County Initiative Guidebook PDF icon ELE-20171219_InitiativeGuidebookDec2017.pdf
Elections - Voter Registration Report PDF icon ELE-20180124_VoterRegistrationReport1-22-2018.pdf
Recall Guide PDF icon ELE-20170707_RecallGuideComplete2017.pdf
Resolution Requesting an Election Form PDF icon ResolutionRequestingElection.pdf
Siskiyou County Precinct List PDF icon 201303-precinct_list.pdf
Unsigned Mail In Ballot Envelope Statement PDF icon ELE-20171031_UnsignedBallotStatementCompliesAB840.pdf
Voter Registration Information Request PDF icon RequestingVoterRegistrationFileInformation.pdf
Voter Registration Report 5-31-16 PDF icon ELE-20160531_VoterRegistrationReport5-31-16Searchable.pdf