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Public Works - Surveying

The Surveyor Division of the Public Works Department has three major functions:

  1. Review and approve Record of Survey and subdivision maps
  2. Review land development applications
  3. Review and approve subdivision improvements

Fee Schedule:

  • Record Survey  - $100.00
  • Parcel Map -  $200.00 plus $40.00/hr. over five hours
  • Final Map -  $200.00 plus $40.00/hr. over five hours
  • Lot Stake Check - $100.00 plus $2.00 per lot
  • Tentative Subdiivision Map - $200.00 plus $1.50 per lot
  • Improvement Plan Check - actual cost
  • Improvement Inspection - actual cost 


Public Works Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Encroachment Permit Application Download File Permit
Public Works District Map Download File Other
Public Works Snow Removal Policy Download File Policy
Transportation Permit Download File Permit