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Planning Commission Agendas

Year You Wish to Review (YYYY)
Topics Available Only from November 2013
Meeting Date Downloadable File Items on Agenda
04/19/2017 PDF icon PC_20170411_Notice_041917_AprilMtgCancellation.pdf
02/15/2017 PDF icon PC_20170215_AOHB_Agenda_Redacted.pdf 16Y-156
02/15/2017 PDF icon PC_20170215_Agenda.pdf Rhodes Tentative Parcel Map TPM-15-08
12/21/2016 PDF icon PC_20161221_Agenda.pdf Daws Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-16-01) continued from November 16, 2016 Planning Commission
11/16/2016 PDF icon PC_20161116_Agenda.pdf Zoning Text Amendment Z-16-02 Article 15 Use Clarifications; Daws Tentative Parcel Map TPM-16-01; Purcell Use Permit UP-16-04
10/19/2016 PDF icon PC_20161019_Agenda.pdf Due to the lack of a quorum for the October 19, 2016 Planning Commission meeting, the hearings will be continued to the November 16, 2016 Planning Commission meeting.
09/14/2016 PDF icon PC_20160914_Agenda.pdf Butte Creek Minerals Ltd. Vested Mining Rights Determination Continued from 8-10-16; Hansen Variance (V-16-02); Daws Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-16-01)
08/10/2016 PDF icon PC_20160810_Agenda.pdf Zoning Text Amendment Z-16-02; DeGray Zone Change (Z-15-06) and Vesting Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-15-04); McMillan (Butte Creek Minerals) Vesting Mining Rights Determination
07/20/2016 PDF icon PC_20160720_Agenda.pdf Dancer Zone Change (Z-16-01)
06/15/2016 PDF icon PC_20160615_Agenda.pdf Kinkade Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-15-06)
05/18/2016 PDF icon PC_20160518_Agenda.pdf Briody Use Permit UP-15-04 (Continued from 4-20-16); Zoning Text Amendment Z-16-02
04/20/2016 PDF icon PC_20160420_Agenda.pdf Briody Use Permit UP-15-04; Tanner Tentative Parcel Map TPM-15-03; Callick Tentative Parcel Map TPM-15-05
03/16/2016 PDF icon PC_20160316_Agenda.pdf Klamath River Club, LLC Variance V-16-01; Hunter Communications Use Permit UP-16-01