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Client Rights

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Clients receiving behavioral health services have legal rights, including the right to express their concerns about the type and delivery of their services. Clients of Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services or one of its providers are entitled to: 





  • Respectful treatment, with due consideration for their dignity and privacy;
  • Services provided in a safe, caring environment;
  • Informed consent to treatment and to prescribed medications, including potential side effects;
  • Confidential care and record keeping;
  • Request a specific provider, a change of provider, a second opinion or a change in level of care;
  • Be free from any form of restraint or seclusion used as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation;
  • Participate in planning their treatment and decisions regarding their health care, including the right to refuse treatment;
  • Request access to their health records, to receive a copy if they wish, and to request that their records be amended or corrected;
  • File a grievance about any issue pertaining to their care and treatment or appeal a decision to deny, change, reduce or terminate their services;
  • Request the assistance or presence of the Patients’ Rights Advocate or representative of their choice at any time during the grievance process;
  • File a request for a State Fair Hearing if not satisfied after using the Behavioral Health Plan’s appeals process; and
  • Authorize any person to act on their behalf during the grievance, appeal or State Fair Hearing process.

If you need information about resolving problems call 841-4100 to speak to a Behavioral Health staff member.

Client Rights Explained

Client Rights - California Department of Mental Health Ombudsman Services

If clients need help to find information about Medi-Cal mental health managed care services, including finding the right person at Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services to talk to in order to solve a problem, they can call the CA Department of Mental Health Ombudsman Services office in Sacramento at 1-800-896-4042.

Client Rights - Problem Resolution Process

Clients are encouraged to discuss issues regarding their behavioral health services directly with their service providers but if they do not feel comfortable there are other people who will help you. Clients may call Behavioral Health at 841-4100 to get more information about how to resolve problems, requests or complaints. They may ask any staff person to help them or call the Patient’s Rights Advocate for help at 841-4747.

All problem resolution processes are confidential. They are not discussed with anyone not involved in the situation or who does not have authorized access by a release of information form signed by the client or legal representative. Behavioral Health will not discriminate against anyone who files a request for problem resolution and will work with you to resolve the problem.

Clients or their representatives may request a change of provider or file a grievance regarding the provision of behavioral health services or other matters of concern by completing a written form that can be picked up in each clinic lobby or mailed to you. They may contact their service providers, the receptionist at their site, or any staff member for a form and information. They may write a letter or call the clinic instead of filling out the form. An “appeal” is a specific type of grievance about certain decisions made by Behavioral Health or one of its providers. Appeals must be in writing.

Client Rights - Problem Resolution Timeframes

Change of provider requests are granted within 10 working days of when the request is made and a supervisor will contact the client or representative promptly when the request is received to assign a new provider. When a change of provider cannot be accommodated due to staffing reasons, the Behavioral Health Quality Assurance Manager will contact the client within ten days. Grievances and appeals must be addressed and a written response sent to the client or representative within 60 days (grievances) or 45 days (appeals) after Behavioral Health Services receives the information about the problem. Clients may also request an “expedited appeal” if they believe a decision might put them in danger or severely affect their health. If we agree to handle the request as “expedited,” we must respond to the client or representative within three days.

Client Rights - State Fair Hearings

When Medi-Cal beneficiaries receive a Notice of Action indicating that services have been denied, changed, reduced or terminated, or if we fail to provide authorized services or resolution of a grievance or appeal in a timely manner, clients may file an appeal about these actions too. If after the appeals process clients are not satisfied with the decision, they may request a State Fair Hearing. If granted by the California Department of Social Services, their case will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. If the hearing is requested within ten days of receipt of the notice, under certain circumstances the level of services will be maintained pending the outcome of the hearing. Clients may use the form on the back of the Notice of Action to file for this type of hearing.

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