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Contact a Siskiyou County Department

Front of Siskiyou County Court House

All County departments welcome your comments.  From the Department menu, please click on the specific department you are interest in visiting or writing.  Departmental contact information is generally located in a block on the lower right side of departmental pages.  Physical and mailing addresses along with phone numbers are included in Contact Info.  Some departments also receive e-mail communications.  For those departments, please complete the webform below. 

Give as many details as possible to enable the entity to respond correctly and in a timely manner to your request.  Your name and e-mail address are required fields.

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You can send a message to only one department/division at a time. Please make sure you select the most appropriate entity.
Enter your Street Address and/or Post Office Box and your City, State and Zip Code
Please explain your issue or request as completely as possible.