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    This sign for the Day Reporting Center and picnic table are examples of the woodworking skills that participants are learning while enrolled in the program.

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    Here is the chicken coop built by Day Reporting Center participants and the flock that receives their care.

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    This is the first of two photos depicting the garden at the Day Reporting Center in early spring.  By fall they will have a bountiful harvest to share with the Food Bank and hot meal programs.

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    The garden is maintained by the DRC participants

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    This photo show part of the firewood project that Day Reporting Center participants work on, which provides firewood to vulnerable populations throughout the County.

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    One of the work crews in the Alternative Sentencing programs provided by the Siskiyou County Jail.

Custody Division - DRC

Day Reporting Center & Alternative Sentencing in County of Siskiyou

The AB 109 realignment legislation was implemented on October 1, 2011.  AB 109 had a significant impact on the way our local jail and justice system operates.  AB 109 was created to comply with an order from the US Supreme Court to reduce the prison population.  Under AB 109, many offenders are no longer deemed “prison eligible”.   People sentenced for non-prison eligible crimes now serve their sentences in the County Jail and the County has the responsibility for rehabilitating them.

AB 109 provided a dedicated funding stream for rehabilitating the offenders.  This funding is overseen by the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP).  The CCP recognized that the Siskiyou County Jail has only 107 beds and was typically at capacity prior to realignment.  Since there was no way to add beds, the CCP turned to alternative sentences which include a Work Program and Electronic Monitoring.  An average 50 offenders are assigned to alternative sentencing.  Cal-Trans funds one work crew to complete projects on state highways.  The CCP funds other work crews which are community based and work on community based projects.  They are often found working in our local parks.

The CCP also created a Day Reporting Center (DRC) which provides services to offenders who are either on probation or assigned to a work crew.  The County’s DRC is very unique because it is utilized by both the Jail and the Probation Department.  It is staffed by Correctional Officers.

The DRC also provides services for probationers and people that have completed the work program to participate in.  Services are provided by Correctional Staff from the Jail, Probation Officers and by Heal Therapy.  Services funded by the CCP include the following:

    • Drug and Alcohol Groups
    • Anger Management Classes
    • Parenting Classes
    • Job Readiness Seminars
    • Individual Therapy
    • Equine Therapy
    • MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy)
    • Interactive Journaling
    • High School Diploma/GED Prep in partnership with Yreka High School

There are also projects to participate in at the DRC which include:

    • Gardening – There is a large garden that can provide over 800 pounds of produce.  The produce is shared by participants as part of a nutrition program and a large portion is donated to the Yreka Community Resource Center for the food bank and hot meal program.
    • Chickens – Currently there are laying hens at the Center which provide eggs for the DRC.  The chicken coop was built by the participants who are also responsible for the care and upkeep of the chickens.
    • Rabbits – Participants built the rabbit hutch and are responsible for the care and upkeep of the rabbits.
    • Firewood – The Siskiyou County Jail has partnered with Great Northern Corporation (GNC) to provide firewood to vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled in the winter time.  GNC has applications that can be completed to obtain firewood.  Those who qualify will be given a voucher which can be turned in at the DRC in exchange for wood.
    • Woodworking – Participants have learned skills such as building split rail fences, sign making and table building.


Overall, the DRC and Alternative Sentencing programs have proven to be quite successful.  There are numerous offenders who have not committed further crimes and who are now employed and contributing members of the community.  Many have stated that it is due to the work program supervision and the programs offered.

If you have any questions about the Day Reporting Center, Alternative Sentencing or any of our programs, please contact Programs Coordinator Allison Giannini at (530)842-8166.

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