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Custody Division - Jail Programs

Food Services

The jail employs three civilian cooks who follow a dietician approved menu, providing three meals daily per inmate. In 2013, in excess of 10,000 meals were prepared on average per month. Medical and special diet needs are coordinated by the medical service provider (see medical services).

Medical Services

The Siskiyou County Jail provides its own medical staff through a partnership with the Siskiyou County Department of Public Health Services. We have an on-site registered nurse, specializing in correctional medicine. In turn, she consults as needed with the County Public Health Official and local doctors regarding the medical, dental, & psychiatric needs of inmates. Medical testing, X-rays, & prescription medication are provided for the inmate.

Reading & Education

Jail Programs staff offers independent study programs to obtain GED or a High School Diploma. Staff can also assist in literacy skill building. These services are offered in partnership with Yreka High School. Participation is voluntary and services are accessed by request through the programs staff.

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

Both services are offered weekly at the jail, through recognized representatives/volunteers from either group. Attendance is voluntary for the inmate.

Religious Services

Non-denominational religious services are offered by volunteer lay-ministers twice per week. Visits by a particular inmate’s pastor are accommodated as best possible during regular visiting times. There is also a dedicated Jail Chaplin; inmates may access the Jail Chaplin by submitting a request 

Counseling Services

These services are offered through a contact with Heal Therapy.  These are voluntary services that can be accessed by inmate request.

Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services

Jail Programs staff offers group Counseling for Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol problems and Life Skills.   All curriculums are evidence based.  All groups are Reconation and can be accessed by submitting a request to the Programs' Coordinator.


Custody Division Resource Center

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