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Library - Branches

About the Library

The mission of the library is to provide information, educational and recreational materials, and lifelong learning opportunities to all residents of Siskiyou County. The library offers books, magazines, newspapers, media and electronic resources for county citizens free of charge.  The library also supplies public Internet access, Interlibrary loan services, and delivery of materials between its 12 branch sites. 

Citizens throughout the county can find a library to use as there are 12 facilities which  provide public computers and traditional library materials.  Although some of the branches are small in size, patrons have access to all of the materials in the system through a weekly delivery service.  

Branches are located in the following areas: Yreka, Montague, Dorris, Tulelake, Fort Jones, Etna, Happy Camp, Scott Bar, Weed, McCloud, Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir.  To help provide these rural communities with a public library, Siskiyou County Library partners with the cities, service districts and Friends groups to share costs.

Branch - Butte Valley

Butte Valley Library

800 West Third Street, Dorris, CA 96023

Phone: 530-397-4932

Normal Hours
Monday: 10am - 4pm
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: Noon - 6pm

Butte Valley Library

About the Library

In November of 2006 a grand opening for the new Butte Valley Library was held. The lovely and light 3,300 square foot structure has a meeting room, six computer stations, new furnishings, a Microfiche reader, a children's area and triple the collection that was possible in the old building.Several original photographs and art works have been donated to the library including lovely hand carvings of wildlife done by the late local resident, Richard Orson. The new Library is the product of many years of work by the Butte Valley Friends of the Library and former County Librarian, Pat Harper, as well as generous donations and support from members of the community.

The city of Dorris was among the first Siskiyou County Branch Libraries established in 1916-17. The library was housed in various homes or stores until it was moved to the record room of the city hall. The room proved too small so the library was again moved to an old fire station in 1950. In 1964, the Lions Club in Dorris spearheaded a project to construct a building in the city park for the little 400 square foot Dorris library. That building served the community from 1964 through 2006. Now established in the new building, located on West Third Street near the schools, Dorris Library was renamed Butte Valley Branch Library to reflect the large area it serves.




Last Updated September 2017

Branch - Dunsmuir

5714 Dunsmuir Avenue
Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Phone: 530-235-2035

Branch Assistant: Karen O'Quinn

Normal Hours:
Tues 1-6pm
Wed 1-8pm
Thur 1-6pm 
Fri 1-5pm
Sat 10am-2pm

About the Library

The Dunsmuir Library is located in the historic downtown of Dunsmuir, California. Dunsmuir has had a library since 1890, when a group of railroad employees started a reading room. The library became a branch of the county system in 1917 and was housed in the city hall. The current building, owned by the city, was renovated and expanded with local donations, and hard work by the Friends of the Dunsmuir Library. Since Dunsmuir is known for the railway station located here, there is an extensive railroad reference section for patrons to look through at the library. There is also a collection of Dunsmuir High School yearbooks dating back to the 1920's.


The Dunsmuir Library Bookclub meets the last Wednesday of each month.

Ongoing Friends Booksale with great deals on used books.


Last Updated July 2017

Branch - Etna

Etna Library

PO Box 130, 115 Collier Way
Etna, CA 96027
Phone: 530-467-3661

Monday 1 pm - 5pm
Tuesday 1pm - 5pm
Wednesday 10am -5pm
Thursday 1pm - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm

Branch Manager: Paula Basteyns

Friends of the Etna Public Library

About the Library

The Etna Free Library and Reading Room was established in 1905 and was located in a small room in the Rough and Ready Flour mill. Non-residents and non-tax payers had to pay one dollar a year for library and reading room privileges.

The library opened in the summer of 1905 and Miss Jeanette Rusby served as Etna's first librarian. Miss Rusby received a salary of $15 a month. The library boasted four hundred books, fifteen periodicals, three San Francisco, one Sacramento, and two county newspapers.

In 1915, the library was moved to the second floor of the Town Hall and remained at that location for the next fifty years. In 1916 the Etna Library became affiliated with the Siskiyou County Free Library system which broadened the services the library could offer.

The Etna Lions adopted the library as a project and renovated the lower floor of the Town Hall, which had been used as the Fire Department. The Lions transformed the room into a well lighted, convenient room and the library was moved downstairs in May 1959 were it remained until the summer of 2000.




Last Updated May 2018

Branch - Fort Jones

11960 East Street, PO Box 632
Fort Jones, CA 96032


Branch Manager: Paula Basteyns

Monday through Thursday 12-5pm

Storytime is every Wednesday at noon, for children aged 0-5.

About the Library

According to Irene Jordan Nelson, the first library in Fort Jones was located in Annie Bower's home on Horn Street. In 1917, it was located in a second story room in the Fed. Men's Hall, above where the Scott Valley Bank is now located. Annie Bower was still the librarian.

When the library was moved to the Native Son's Hall, Lena Autenrieth became the librarian. Later, Mattie Ames Evans became the librarian and the library was located on the corner of Main and Newton Streets. In 1934, the library was located in the old Episcopal Church on Main and Sterling Streets and Clara Stevens became the librarian. Irene Nelson became the librarian in 1941 and recalls having her daughter, Lyda Teasley, work at the library when Irene worked as a cook with the State Division of Forestry Fire Crew during fire seasons. In 1946, Ellen Mallow became the librarian until 1958, when Nellie Jean (Toots) Burton took over for the next 21 years. After Toots had been the librarian for one year, the library was moved to its current location in the Fort Jones Community Center.

The Community Center was originally built as a school in 1934. The building was given to the city in the mid-1950s and the library was moved there in 1959. Some other earlier librarians have included Gretchen Kneis, Edith Gray, Nettie Reynolds, Frances Fleig, and Barbara Fink. Some of the more current librarians have included Chris Brown, Ellen Lange-Christiansen, Barbara Judd, Julie Mitchell, Teresa Johnson, and Debbie Wilmot.




Last Updated May 2018 

Branch - Happy Camp

Happy Camp Library










Box 317, 143 Buckhorn Rd.
Happy Camp, California 96039

Phone: 530-493-2964

Branch Assistant: Dorothy LaHue

Tues Noon-5:00pm

About the Library

The Happy Camp Library started as a reading room in the Cuddihy Hotel, which still stands on the corner of Second Ave and Indian Creek Road. The library was eventually relocated to the old County Jail at the corner of East Street and Fourth Ave. With property donated to the Happy Camp Library Association, a library building was constructed (about 1965) by town organizations, businesses, and local individuals, with donated materials and labor. This is our present building located on Buckhorn Road.

The Annual Library Street Fair is held the first weekend in October and is one of our main fundraisers. The Library Friends have a donated "Book Sale", gently used Yard Sale items and raffle tickets. Other vendors rent space and sell food, baked goods, hand-crafted items, photographs, plants, jewelry, art works and many more treasures. Many local musicians play music throughout the day. We hope to make this a great local event.

During the late Fall the library has its annual "Bloom for the Library" daffodil sale, in which we ask you to plant the bulbs in our public spaces so that when they bloom in the Spring, all will be reminded to "think Library".

Branch - McCloud

P.O. Box 425
300 E. Columbero Dr.
McCloud, Ca 96057

Phone: 530-964-2169
Monday 12-4pm
Wednesday 12-4pm
Thursday 12-4pm

About the Library

The McCloud Library was established to meet the reading needs and interest of a company town. Services to outlying camps were also requested and provided. The McCloud River Lumber Company provided space for the " McCloud Club Library", which was established in 1906, in the McCloud Hotel.

In 1925, the Lumber Company accepted a County Library offer for them to participate in the countywide program. They still provided a space in their hotel, plus a library "custodian" (meaning librarian not janitor) and some books. The county library provided additional books, plus access to interlibrary loan and mail delivery of materials.

In 1966 , the McCloud Services District entered into a contract with the McCloud Hotel owner to continue library services at that location and then on July 27, 1974, the current McCloud Library was dedicated and at 1248 square feet provides a pleasant facility for the 1500 residents of the town.



Last Updated June 2017

Branch - Montague

Montague Library

230 S. 13th St
Montague, California 96064

Branch Manager: Deborah-Ann

Monday 1pm - 5pm
Tuesday 1pm - 5pm
Wednesday 1pm - 5pm
Thursday 1pm - 5pm

Montague Branch Library

About the Library

The Montague branch of the Siskiyou County Library system has been in existence since 1915. For over 40 years, the branch was located in a store owned by Charles Schock, who with his wife Huldah, managed the book collection as “custodian ”. In 1956, the library was moved to Stuart ’s Store where it remained until 1977 when it was moved to the renovated Montague School building. In 2000, the library was relocated to a larger room in the school, the old gymnasium. The Montague Library offers a nice selection of books, books on cassette, videos, CDs, and magazines for people of all ages. There is a copy machine and four computers for public use with word processing software and Internet access. The Montague Library staff and Friends of the Montague Library encourage you to visit the library to see what it has to offer.

Bookbags for sale: They are priced at $10 each. The 18"W x 12"H x 6"D bags are Burgundy and Gold (Montague Elementary School colors!) of heavy duty canvas with a bookworm logo.

New Jobs Board: Updated regularly and job seekers can use public computers without time constraints.



Last Updated May 2018

Branch - Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta Library

515 East Alma St.
Mt. Shasta, California, 96067

Phone: 530-926-2031
Website: (link is external)

Executive Director - Courtney Laverty

Monday through Saturday 12-6pm


About the Library

Mt. Shasta Library was built at its present location in 1969 with the combined efforts of the Rotary Club and the community of Mt. Shasta. In 1989, Rotary again took the lead along with the City of Mt. Shasta and doubled the size of the building.  Prior to its own location, the library was housed in the Mount Shasta Community Hospital, and then in the upstairs room of the old city hall, currently the city’s police department.

Ongoing programs at the Mount Shasta Branch Library:

Songs and Stories for Young People (ages 5 and younger) on Wednesdays @10:30am.

Please call the Library at 926-2031 with questions.




Last Updated September 2017

Branch - Scott Bar

Scott Bar Library

Post Office
27233 Scott River Rd
Scott Bar, CA 96085

Phone: 530-496-3248

Post Office Hours
Monday thru Friday 3pm - 5pm 
Saturday 11am - 1pm

About the Library

Many small branches have come and gone over the years as populations have shifted. The Scott bar branch has been here continuously since the early 1920s, when the postal clerk was paid a $3 monthly stipend for her library work. In the early days communication with the main library was all by hand written notes along the lines of, “Send us another box of books please! The ones we have have all been read by everyone”. The books were sent by mail.

Many patrons request books online or at the branch and have them delivered to Scott Bar. Residents of nearby Hamburg and Horse Creek also use the branch to avoid a trip to town. Rumblings of closing the post office or library have always been met with strong opposition, so we hope the little library will remain in service for many years to come!



Last Updated February 2017

Branch - Technical Services

Technical Services

719 4th Street, Yreka, CA 96097
Phone: 530-841-8807
County Librarian:  Michael Perry
Monday thru Friday - 8 am to 5 pm



Last Updated February 2017

Branch - Tulelake

Tulelake Library

P.O. Box 1072 451 Main St.
Tulelake, CA 96134

Phone: 530-667-2291

Branch Assistant: Tricia Plass

Monday Noon - 5pm
Tuesday Noon - 5pm
Wednesday Noon - 5pm

About the Library

The Tulelake Library, in its early years, operated in different locations, including several in Oregon.  Later it became known as the Winema Branch until it closed in 1941.  In 1944, the Tulelake City Council began providing space for the library at City Hall.  It then relocated to the Booth Building in 1950, and in 1960 to the building where it is currently located.  The building, which was purchased by the City of Tulelake for $5,000, had previously housed a drug store and fountain.

The Library serves the local Modoc County population as well as Siskiyou County.  Modoc County Library contributes to help support this Library.

Recently Friends of the Library started meeting again, and began developing a plan for a much needed renovation to the library building.  Repairs have started and we now have a new level floor.  Painting and new carpet installation will be completed this fall.  Cleanup and landscaping library property have already begun with many other improvements scheduled.  The City of Tulelake has generously budgeted for the cost of these repairs.




Last Updated February 2017

Branch - Weed

150 Alamo Ave.
Weed, CA 96094


Monday - Friday, Noon - 6:00pm

Branch Assistant: Shelley Green

About the Library

The Weed library, a branch of the county library system, has had libraries in various locations since 1920: in a room in the lumber company boarding house, in the “Oasis” a small confectionery, in the Center Pharmacy and in the “Red Cross” room in the Post Office. For many years, it was located in a small building on Main Street which was also a doll shop. In 1980, the library moved to the Great Northern Building which, when built in 1915, was the location of the Weed High School. The Library was located there until the building was lost in the Boles Fire on September 15, 2014.  In April 2015, after tremendous community support, the library re-opened in a new building in downtown Weed, close to City Hall and the Post Office.

Childrens Section in Weed Library

Branch - Yreka

Front Side Yreka Library
The Front of the Yreka Library

Yreka Branch

719 4th Street, Yreka, CA 96097
Phone: 530-841-4175

County Librarian:  Michael Perry

Monday & Tues - 1pm - 5pm
Wednesday - Noon - 4pm
Thursday - Noon - 4pm
Friday - Noon - 4pm
Saturday - Noon - 4pm

Library Historical Comments

After the discovery of gold in March 1851 in the Yreka area, the need for artistic and literary culture became readily apparent. The ladies of Yreka met the challenge by forming the Yreka Ladies’s Library Association in 1857. At that time they had an inventory of 300 books, which moved to various locations particularly on Miner Street.

The elected officials of the City of Yreka in 1910 were convinced that a public-operated library was a community necessity. They adopted Ordinance no. 68 and levied a tax for the maintenance of the free library system. In 1913, city officials applied for funds from the Carnegie Corporation to build a permanent location for the library and acquired land at 412 W. Miner Street.

In 1914, the Corporation gave $8,000 and bids were solicited for the Carnegie library in Yreka. The grand opening of the Yreka Carnegie Library was held on October 21, 1915. The library remained at this location until it was consolidated with the County Library and moved to 719 4th Street, on April 26, 1970.

Since that time the County Library has served as the headquarters for the County Library System and the City of Yreka's public library. The Carnegie building has been maintained and is now the City of Yreka’s Police Department.




Last Updated April 2017

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