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Medical Support Services

Behavioral Health provides psychiatric evaluation and treatment for children and adults in need of medication services.

Services Provided:

  • Psychiatric Assessment/Evaluation
  • Post Hospitalization Psychiatric Care
  • On-going care by either of our two staff psychiatrists or telepsychiatrist
  • Medication Management/Refill
  • Injection Clinics
  • Educational services regarding healthy habits while taking psychotropic medications
  • Transportation to and from psychiatric medication appointments
  • Assist clients through the TAR (Treatment Authorization) process for their medications

Who qualifies?

Clients who have either Medi-Cal or Partnership Health Plan and clients who have Medicare.

How is someone referred?

A person can be referred by their primary care physician and/or their Behavioral Health clinician. If referred by a primary care physician, the client will be scheduled for a full mental health evaluation through either the Adult System of Care or the Children’s System of Care. Once this evaluation is complete the client may be referred for medication services if they have a covered diagnosis and medication could be appropriate.

If the client is referred solely through an Adult System of Care or the Children’s System of Care therapist, the therapist will refer the client to the Medical Services supervisor to determine eligibility.

What if I just want to see the doctor?

You can request a medication evaluation either by telephone or by walking in to one of our locations. However, you will first meet with a Behavioral Health clinician for a mental health evaluation through Adult System of Care and/or the Children’s System of Care to determine if you have a mental health diagnosis. After the evaluation, a referral for medication services will be generated by the clinician.

Once the referral is created, it is screened by the Medical Services supervisor for level of severity and if appropriate will be accepted and you will be scheduled for an appointment.

Please Note: Those individuals whose symptoms are mild to moderate may be asked to see their primary care physician for medication follow-up instead of the Behavioral Health psychiatrist. A staff member can help to communicate this need to the primary care physician for the client.

Who do I call for information about Behavioral Health medical services?

Call (530) 841-4100

Medical Team Members:

The medical team, spearheaded by the Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Division, is comprised of two psychiatrists, one telepsychiatrist, three nurses, and 2 health assistants.  The team provides services to individuals ranging from 3 years old to adults.