Today is a No Burn Day. Open outdoor burning is prohibited due to unfavorable atmospheric conditions. 

The Fire Season has been declared over as per Cal Fire on November 16, 2015. 

Agricultural and non-agricultural burn permits are available from the Air Pollution Control District for burning in unincorporated areas. The District does not issue permits for residential burning. Please see the District web page for more information.

Note: The following cities require residential burn permits year-round:  Dorris, Etna, Ft Jones, McCloud, Montague, Mt Shasta, & Yreka.

Residential burning is prohibited in: Lake Shastina, & Tulelake.

Agriculture - Air Pollution Control District

The Air Pollution Control District (District) monitors for criteria pollutants in the ambient air and regulates stationary sources of air emissions within the County. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has the responsibility for regulating mobile emission sources, state-wide compliance assistance, forecasting, air monitoring, research, and emergency response, rule development, and for District oversight. The following is a less summarized representation of District responsibilities.

What You Need to Know About the Air Pollution Control District

APCD - TIMBER Log Truck Grants 2015-2016

The Truck Improvement/Modernization Benefitting Emission Reductions (TIMBER) Program provides a streamlined voucher funding option to reduce emissions by replacing 2006 or older model diesel engine log trucks with 2010 or newer model diesel engine log trucks. When used to offset vehicle replacement costs, qualifying projects are eligible for up to $60,000.

More information about the TIMBER program can be found at California Air Resources Board’s TIMBER website.

Who is eligible?

Prior to applying, you must be registered in the TRUCRS database utilizing the Log Truck Phase-In compliance path, the NOx Exempt Area extension, or the Small Fleet option as defined in the Statewide Truck & Bus Regulation in the California Code of Regulations, title 13, section 2025 (m) (12), 2025 (p) (1), or 2025 (h) respectively that meet all applicable requirements will be eligible for TIMBER funding. TRUCRS account must be updated for 2015.

Application packets may be downloaded from this website or request a copy from the District office.  Any individual, business, public agency or non-profit organization that is located in, or that operates within, the boundaries of the State of California. Note: Applicants are limited to a maximum of 10 TIMBER grants per fleet, per year.

If my project is selected, what next?

If your project meets the guidelines and has no outstanding violations (2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, Chapter 4 section D.2), you and your selected dealership will be issued a Voucher. Funding is limited, and Vouchers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are expended.

Application Forms

Dealership Resources

Useful Links

APCD - Air Monitoring

District monitors for ozone and particulate matter, as mandated by the State and Local Air Monitoring System (SLAMS), as well as acid rain. The District operates and maintains all monitoring equipment.

  • Acid Rain: The District has one rain gage and precipitation collector located near the Siskiyou County Airport. A new collection bucket is installed every Tuesday. Precipitation samples are sent to the National Atmospheric Deposition Program National Trends Network (NADP/NTN) for analysis and reporting.

  • Ozone: The Yreka monitor continuously analyses and records ambient ground-level ozone concentrations. Data is checked for errors, processed, and reported to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) quarterly. Precision checks are made and recorded regularly to insure data integrity.

  • Particulates: Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and 10 microns in diameter (PM10) are monitored in Yreka. Every six-days the District exposes pre-conditioned filters for 24-hours and returns the filters to the CARB PM analysis laboratory to calculate particulate mass concentrations and report to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

APCD - Burn Day Information

Questions?  Call 530-841-4029 or 530-841-4031 Monday through Friday.

Allowable combustibles may only be burned during burn hours on permissive burn days by holders of the applicable burn permit. Daily burn-day forecasts are made by the CARB. The District may change a burn-day to no-burn if needed to maintain or improve the air quality. District burn-day information is available to the public by a recorded phone message at 530-842-8123 or toll-free within Siskiyou County at 866-652-2876. The recording is updated daily.  It is also available on the Siskiyou County website home page as well as at the top of the District page.

APCD - Burn Permits

Cal Fire has the responsibility of issuing permits during the fire season, while it is the District's responsibility during the non-fire season.

  • Residential Burning: The District does not require permits for open outdoor burning of allowable combustibles, at a residence, in a pile no larger than 4-ft high by 4-ft square. Cal Fire does require permits for residential burning during the fire season. Local fire departments and municipalities may also require permits seasonally or year-round. Burn-barrel use is restricted in defined areas, contact the District for details or view the map (58MB pdf) available in the Resource Center below. Residents, property managers, and home owners may burn more than a 4-ft high by 4-ft square pile of allowable combustibles from the premises by obtaining a non-agricultural burn permit.

  • Agricultural Burning: Agricultural burning requires a permit from the District during the non-fire season and from Cal Fire or the United States Forest Service during the fire season. A request to conduct agricultural burning on a no-burn day may be granted by the District provided there will be no adverse impact to a smoke-sensitive area, and the applicant makes a written statement of immediate threat of substantial economic loss if not allowed to burn on that day.

  • Non-Agricultural Burning: Non-agricultural burning requires a permit from the District during the non-fire season and from CalFire or the United States Forest Service during the fire season. Examples of non-agricultural burning include disposal of non-industrial wood waste from property development activity, fire hazard reduction, and weed eradication.

  • Smoke Management Plans: Private and government land managers continue to develop annual and long-range prescribed burn plans to reduce fuel loading within Siskiyou County and in the surrounding region. These projects have the potential to impact air quality within the District. The District issues burn permits and administers the Smoke Management Plans required of burn projects (excluding agricultural burning) greater than 10 acres or estimated to emit greater than 10 tons of particulate emissions.  Smoke Management Plans regulate and coordinate regional land managers' large burn projects in order to prevent smoke impacts to sensitve receptors and prevent violations of state and federal ambient air quality standards. Please see the Northeast Air Alliance Smoke Management Plan document in the Resource Center below.

APCD - Complaints

These may be received directly by District office or relayed via the CARB or the EPA. The District verifies that the dust, odor, smoke, etc., is present and which source may be responsible. The owner or operator of the source is contacted, an inspection and corrective action is discussed. Serious problems may dictate that a Notice of Violation be issued. Appropriate action is taken.

APCD - Emergency Response Air Monitoring

The District, in cooperation with Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services and other participating agencies, operates and maintains three continuous near-real-time E-BAM PM2.5 monitors. During an emergency such as wildfire, smoke impacts will be monitored and information available on-line at the following links:


APCD - Rules and Enforcement

Enforcement action may be required whenever a violation of Federal, State, or District Rules & Regulations is observed. This could be the result of a public complaint, from routine inspections, or referral from another agency. Enforcement action requires good judgment and depends on the type of violation, severity of the problem or type of emissions, the degree to which the violation impacted sensitive receptors, and or the affects on the ambient air quality.

APCD - Source Permits

A District Authority To Construct / Permit To Operate (Permit) is required for any source that emits significant detectable amounts of air pollutants or Air Toxic Contaminants. Lumber mills, industrial boilers, asphalt plants, rock crushers, geothermal wells, stationary internal combustion engine generators greater than or equal to 50HP, and gas stations are some examples of commercial facilities or devices requiring District permits. Permitted sources are inspected for compliance on a regular basis. The permit application form can be located below in the Resource Center.

Air Pollution Control Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Air Quality Index Particle Pollution Table Download File Guide
Annual Air Monitoring Network Report 2015 Download File Report
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Asphalt Plants Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Authority to Construct - Permit to Operate Application Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Power Generators Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Baghouse/DustCollector Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Boilers, Dryers & Process Heaters Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Cyclone/Inertial Separator Download File Application
ATC/PTO - Supplemental Application - Rock Crushing Download File Application
BURN - Are you Burning? Permits Required Flyer Download File Other
BURN - Burn Barrel Ban Flyer from 2004 Download File Other
BURN - Burning Rules for Residential and Non-Agricultural Burning Download File Policy
BURN - Current Burn Barrel Restriction Area Map Download File
BURN - Siskiyou County Burn Guidelines Download File Guide
GRANT - Carl Moyer Off Road Compression-Ignition Application Download File Application
Northeast Air Alliance Smoke Management Plan - prescribed burning Download File Application
Public Records Request - form and guidelines Download File Request
TIMBER - Amendments Approved in 2014 FAQ's Download File Other
TIMBER - Application Package Download File Application
TIMBER - Facts Sheet Download File Other


Agriculture Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
2014 Siskiyou County Crop & Livestock Report Download File Report
Apiary Registration/Request for Pesticide Notification Download File Application
Buffer Determination Download File
Certified Farmers' Market Application Download File Application
Certified Producer's Certificate Download File Application
Certified Producers Certificate - Supplemental Page Download File
Egg Handlers Registration Application Download File Application
Field Fumigation Air Monitoring FMP Download File
Fumigation Management Plan Download File
Fumigation Management Plan Checklist Download File
Fumigation Management Plan Post Application Summary Download File
Fumigation Monitoring Post Application Download File
Fumigation Worksite Plan Download File
Initial Fumigation Notification - English Download File
Initial Fumigation Notification - Spanish Download File
Inner Buffer Permission Download File
Methyl Bromide/Chloropicrin Field Fumigation Permit Conditions Download File Permit
Noxious Weeds Identification and Characteristics Slideshow 2015 Download File Other
Nursery Stock - Fee Exempt Sell License Download File License
Outer Buffer Permission Download File